Something In Between

by Stephen Simmons



Something In Between was produced and mixed by Richard McLaurin at House of David Studios, Nashville, TN. Engineered by Adam Bednarik. Mastered by Jim DeMain at Yes Master Studios in Nashville, TN. Featuring performances by David Briggs, Al Perkins, and Tammy Rogers.


released September 24, 2007


1.  DON'T MIND ME    (3:52)
2.  HOLD YOU TODAY  (4:10)
3.  NEW SCRATCHES  (4:16)
4.  WE'LL SEE  (3:38)
5.  LONG ROAD   (5:07)
6.  CLOUDY IN L.A.   (5:09)
7.  DOWN TONIGHT   (3:22)
8.  HEY    (3:37)
9.  BLUES ON A SUNNY DAY   (5:08)
10.  GO EASY ON ME   (4:30)
11.  ALL THE TIME I'VE GOT  (3:31)
All song written and performed by Stephen Simmons
P & © 2007 Stephen Simmons, Shiny Geode Music, SESAC
Produced and Mixed by Richard McLaurin at House of David Studios, Nashville, TN
Engineered by Adam Bednarik
Mastered by Jim DeMain at Yes Master Studios in Nashville, TN


Stephen Simmons: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Harp
Richard McLaurin:  Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Slide Guitar, Lap Steel, Organ, Mellotron, Background Vocals
David Briggs: Piano, Rhodes, Organ, Wurlitzer
Ken Lewis: Drums, Percussion
Billy Mercer: Bass
Al Perkins: Pedal Steel
Tammy Rogers: Strings, Fiddle
Joe McMahan: Electric Guitar
Jodi Haynes: Background Vocals
Dave Peterson: Background Vocals



all rights reserved


Stephen Simmons Nashville, Tennessee

Stephen Simmons was raised in the small town of Woodbury, Tennessee. As a songwriter and Ten years as a Road Dog, Stephen’s vision has grown to entail more than just reflections of rural America. Stephen’s records (which were compared to everyone from Johnny Cash to Ryan Adams) combine virtuosic songcraft and musicianship with unparalleled artistic honesty. ... more


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Track Name: Don't Mind Me

Don’t mind me
If I sit here alone
I’m not hurting anybody
If I’m drinking alone
And don’t mind me
Man I’ve been here before
Not this stool, not this bar on this street
But I’ve felt this before

It’s a matter of pride
I go this alone
So you think it ain’t right
Won’t you mind your own

And don’t mind me
Don’t know why I say things
Open my mouth and the truth flies out you see
But it don’t mean anything
And don’t mind me
If I laugh when you say
Can’t take my word cause you believe
That it’s no good in this place


And don’t mind me
Just keep it moving along
The last thing in this world that I need
Is a bar full of yapping jaws
And don’t mind me
Man I’ll pay when I’m done
Already owed everybody
Before I ever begun

Track Name: Hold You Today

Well I was so afraid I’d call you on the telephone
And even more afraid I’d pass you in the hall
You got a way with words I gotta way with getting my tongue caught
With all the stupid things I say just prove that I was wrong

So wait
Don’t leave me alone
Please babe
I can’t make it on my own

You might think I’m crazy, honey that won’t change a thing
And even though you know I love you sometimes you don’t believe
And girl I know I probably owe you a clear and better way
But it’s the best that I can do just to hold you today

Well I’m stuck out here in L.A. in some crazy hotel room
And they’re partying in the lobby all the way to the ballroom
And I don’t know what makes a man, pick a road, just turn and go
Get a nervous feeling in your soul and seems like you lose control


Track Name: New Scratches

I know you never thought I’d really hang around
I know you never thought I’d actually tough things out
I know there’s something out there for everyman
Something, somewhere if you could just give it half a chance

But things change so much
When you’re living at breakneck speed
And I’ve changed so much
But I don’t wanna lose track of me

I know I ain’t exactly full of romance
But I might surprise you honey if you give me half a chance
I don’t know why you try to test me so much
I guess you wanna prove you don’t really believe in love


You get me going one way then you turn and head back
Get mad if I fall behind, mad if I stay on your tracks
Good times slip through cracks out on a one-way street
And brand new scratches sting a bare heart that’s just trying to beat


Tonight my heart has got
Brand new scratches baby
And you must think
New scratches look good on me
Track Name: We'll See

Last night I took drunk with all the passion
But this morning I’m hung over with regret
And your medicine won’t make me feel better
It’s too soon yet

And you don’t even know me baby
So what makes you think that I won’t leave
And I don’t even know you baby
So I guess that we’ll see
We’ll see

Stopped and picked up some bread on my way home
A pound of resolve and something sweet to get this remorse off my tongue
And I eat my supper cold
Still it burns when it comes


Went into work early this morning
No use in hanging round where I know that I’m not wanted
Cause it’s work for you and me
And we pretend that we don’t
But we see
We see

Track Name: Long Road

Baby says she’s tired of me
She’s tired of us and she can’t see
Why we just don’t agree
She felt this way don’t know how long
All I can say is she’s already gone
No matter when she leaves

It’s a long road
On which we walk
And it’s a long crawl
To find our way home
But the fire below
Is a short waltz
It’s Easy on your feet to fall
But it’s hard on your soul

There’s poison in the blood
Of the people in this neighborhood
So don’t get too close
And there’s poison in the words
Of the people who came before us
And had the gall to Speak of Love and let it show


Before the night is gone
Before the day comes along
She’ll be waltzing on
And I’ll be left to crawl on my own

I’ve thought about it all night long
But I can’t see where we went wrong
Don’t wanna believe she’s gone
If I loved you and you loved me
How’d something come in between
So strong, so real, so wrong

Track Name: Cloudy In L.A.

Well it’s cloudy in LA
And it’s warm when it rains
In the desert, on the mountains, by the Oceanside
And I’m alone, in a hotel room
No one to cry to, and my head’s so cloudy too
Not sure just what I should do

Don’t you think that I’ve tried
Out here you’d think no one they would mind

And you’re still mine
If you still believe that lie
Way on the other side of five state lines
Seems like some other place in time
I know what you think
You think I’m out here on the street
You think I’m acting crazy, think I must be some sight to see
Cause you know I’m out here for me

But nobody cares how hard I’m trying
Won’t be surprised if they don’t pay me no mind

God only knows I used to want some simple life
All I ever wanted was my own little piece of the sky
Content with you in my life
But this world has robbed me of those earthly desires
And nothing on that world could ever put out this fire
But it’s still so hard to defy

But you know that I’ll keep on trying
Won’t be surprised if it’s no different this time

Well it’s cloudy in LA
And it’s warm when it rains
In the desert, on the mountains, by the Oceanside
Track Name: Down Tonight

I wore the shirt that you wanted
The tie you picked out and liked so well
Does my hair look all right?
This party must be important
So I’ll try with all my might
Don’t want to disappoint you
Don’t want to let you down tonight

Babe you’re a lot like Heaven
But this is a lot like Hell
Trying to give you everything you wanted
Without lying to myself
And babe you’re a lot like a jacket
That I put on to stay warm
But I’ll take you off when I feel
The rays of the sun and their warmth

Bathroom light in the mirror
Shines on your bedroom wall
Tonight you want to feel special
But special ain’t in the cards
Your touch has never felt better
Your passion outshines mine
And I’d never do anything to hurt you baby
And I won’t start tonight


Yeah I’ll take you off when I feel
The rays of the sun and their warmth
Track Name: Hey

The sky was blue
But colors fade
Time takes your sweet face
And tries to erase
But girl come what may
You know season’s change
And we’ve changed too
Or at least rearranged

But Hey

I thought I saw
You today
Mark my name
From your page
A page from your life
You wished away
As if you were ashamed


Don’t know what I
Thought I would do
If the way you feel ever changed
But girl come what may
Can’t believe this day
But if you feel that way
Then that could be arranged


And Lord I don’t know
Why things can’t stay the same
As they are on a good, good day
But the sun goes down
And the stars come out
Place your bets on a brand new day
Brand new game

Track Name: Blues On A Sunny Day

It’s getting warmer outside
But I still feel a chill in the night
Up in this room of mine
Climb in my bed but there’s no your side
My side
So sad when it’s all just mine

It’s gonna be a long, long year
And those warm and sunny days they’re almost here
But there’s nothing I know
Makes me sad and so low
Nothing compares to feeling this way
There’s nothing as sad as the blues on a sunny day

I thought by now
That I’d be ready somehow
To get back out
Pick myself up and walk on outside
Back to my life
And Spring’s here, but it’s just not time


Springtime is here and there’s nothing I can do
But I just may stay inside all year if it’s nothing to you

Track Name: Go Easy On Me

Take this sun from my eyes
It’s beautiful but it can’t hide
Just because it blinds me till I can’t see
Don’t mean I can’t see what’s wrong with me

And take this pen from my hand
I wrote it all down but don’t understand
So words are easy for me is that a sin
As easy as spilled ink on the paper thin

So go easy on me this time
Go easy cause I’m trying
Can’t make up for the last time
Couldn’t fix it if I tried
So go easy on me this time
Let me be satisfied

She was just a girl nuthin’ more nuthin’ less
And with this boy somehow half-impressed
I took it on a hunch that she’d be mine
We took it all the way now I’m still trying


She won’t go easy from my mind
I’ve run so long I hope it’s time

Track Name: All The Time I've Got

Filling station signs
Light up the cold dead night
With their number driven art advertising prices
I’m out here all alone once more
In this truck that won’t stay warm
And humility reveals itself priceless

It’s just about all the time I’ve got
To figure out all the things I’m not
And it’s just about all the time I’ll need
Sometimes all we are is just who we’ll be

My baby’s safe at home
And man she don’t know why I roam
And for someone I love so much I shouldn’t have to try so
But these lights in my dark sky
Are man-made bulbs and hard copper wire
And not the heavenly moon and the stars a glowing


But they’re just so many roads
Where a man can feel at home
All the while alone and driving
And something you said to me last night
I just can’t get out of my mind
That this time you’re through trying

Funny how some thoughts in your mind
Only slip out when you’re driving
And seem to disappear at other times
Like that outfit that you wore baby
For my birthday so crazy
Wasn’t worth the price, but the memory’s timeless