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Honey From A Spoon

by Stephen Simmons

TWENTY-THIRD OF MAY In the middle of the day In the backyard She slipped off my shirt And kissed me on my scar I’m pretty sure that I Fell right away Right there in her arms On the twenty-third of May Years drip by Like honey from a spoon It’s been years since she left Still if feels too soon Chorus: How could I’ve ever known That a love could have grown From a seed deep in my heart To something real I could hold Like the weight of a love On the back of a rose The road plays tricks Driving all night Can still see your face With these tired eyes Mile after mile Nothing better to do Than to tell myself I’m finished with you A tank of gas A town up ahead A heavy heart Sinks into a cheap motel bed Chorus I have this scene That plays in my mind Yellow roses bloom As I take your hand in mine Then time stands still Like the redwoods so high The 23rd of May Some future day in time words and music by Stephen Simmons / copyright secured all rights reserved / SESAC / Shiny Geode Music
Audrey 02:57
AUDREY I found her a little broken With her joy up on a shelf Living out in California With her secrets tightly held I couldn’t help but want her for myself Chorus: If you were mine I'd take you in these arms Treat you like a lady let you shine Hold you tight And open up your heart Set free the song that lives inside Oh Audrey, if you were mine She was full of a grace These days so seldom seen Bouncing like the moon off the river Lighting up the night with her gleam Oh Audrey you’re coming home with me Chorus words and music by Stephen Simmons / copyright secured all rights reserved / SESAC / Shiny Geode Music
YELLOW ROSE OF SAN FRANCISCO Well the fog rises up from the Bay Thins out then it blows away And it cools the air as it reaches to my room Been years since I heard her say It's just a dream, don't get swept away This World will surely make you her fool Chorus: Like the bloom on a Yellow Rose On a street in San Francisco Tossed aside way too soon In the early days of June Still in bloom It’s like you're shot out of a cannon and then Your flying like a dream in the air Bound to return to Earth way too soon Nothing could hold me back Nothing could slow me down Nothing except these memories of you Chorus Words and Music by Stephen Simmons / Shiny Geode Music / SESAC all rights reserved
New Song 03:36
NEW SONG I had a really good run I took to falling in love With my guitar, the road and all the fun And the songs that fell from above But don't confuse your muse With who you really are yourself And don't confuse a good tune With one that really just sells Chorus: I'm lost in all my old sad songs And no longer really know what they mean So I'm writing a new song And I pray this one will suite me It's just me and this sleepy dog’s yawn He’s tired but he'd never leave my side So I take a sip and pick on It's just my kind of night Hear the Roller Coaster from my room All too well I know the sound Kids screamin as the Big Dipper zooms Life’s a roller coaster that never slows down Chorus Lately I’ve been thrill seeking too Stuck in a big dip of my own, an unfinished tune Chorus words and music by Stephen Simmons / copyright secured all rights reserved / SESAC / Shiny Geode Music


Recorded at home in the spring & summer of 2020, with remote contributions by my longtime musical friends and collaborators. Mixed in 2021 by Goeffrey Moore.


released January 24, 2022

All words and music by Stephen Simmons / Shiny Geode Music / SESAC

Stephen Simmons: vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica
Goeffrey Moore: electric guitar, baritone guitar, synth, keys
Molly Jewell: harmony vocals
Matthew Crouse: percussion
Thomas Marmier: pedal steel guitar
Alex McCollough: pedal steel guitar, electric slide guitar
Bryson Simmons: graphic design
Photo by Stephen Simmons: 2009 Blackberry mobile
Shamrock (RIP): noises


all rights reserved



Stephen Simmons Nashville, Tennessee

Stephen Simmons was raised in the small town of Woodbury, Tennessee. As a songwriter and Ten years as a Road Dog, Stephen’s vision has grown to entail more than just reflections of rural America. Stephen’s records (which were compared to everyone from Johnny Cash to Ryan Adams) combine virtuosic songcraft and musicianship with unparalleled artistic honesty. ... more

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