by Stephen Simmons



Playing around for fun late at night in the studio with my musician friends led to a semi regular thing we liked to call "Don Williams / Irish Whiskey Night"; where I'd bring in a bottle of Irish Whiskey, we'd put on some old vinyl Don Williams Country albums and get in the proper mood, then we'd all hop on an instrument and I'd pull out a new song that I wanted to record like the smooth sounding Country Albums I love so much. We'd play it 3 or 4 times live and then sit back listenin' and sippin'. At some point it turned into an album that I knew I had to finish and release someday. This is how it turned out:

1. HEARSAY (3:34)
2. EMILY’S EYES ((3:38)
6. GOLD & SILVER (3:35)
8. STARDUST (3:25)
10. HARD IT GOES (4:14)


released July 28, 2013

Produced by: Stephen Simmons
Recorded and Mixed by: Eric Fritsch
at Eastwood Studios, Nashville, TN
Mastered by Alex McCollough
at Yes Master, Nashville, TN
Artwork and design by: Monika Umba

All songs written by Stephen Simmons
Published by Shiny Geode Music, SESAC
except GOLD & SILVER : by Stephen Simmons / Liz Foster
and HARD IT GOES: by Stephen Simmons / Doug Waterman
C & P 2013 Locke Creek Records

Stephen Simmons: vocals, acoustic guitars (tracks 1-11)
Eric Fritsch: electric guitars on (tracks 6, 7, 9, 10): bass (track 2 ): b-3 (tracks 1, 5)
Alex McCollough: pedal steel guitar (tracks 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)
Dave Coleman: electric guitar (tracks 3, 4, 8) two tone guitar (track 11)
Jen Gunderman: b-3 (tracks 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 11): piano (tracks 3, 5, 8, 10): harmony vocals (tracks 5, 6, 10)
Marty Lynds: drums & percussion (tracks 1-11)
Tim Marks: bass (tracks 1, 3-11)



all rights reserved


Stephen Simmons Nashville, Tennessee

Stephen Simmons was raised in the small town of Woodbury, Tennessee. As a songwriter and Ten years as a Road Dog, Stephen’s vision has grown to entail more than just reflections of rural America. Stephen’s records (which were compared to everyone from Johnny Cash to Ryan Adams) combine virtuosic songcraft and musicianship with unparalleled artistic honesty. ... more


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Track Name: Hearsay

Sure I saw you at the bar and I knew
If I could get you alone I might have a chance with you
A spring Midwest moon in full view
Can make a jaded heart seek something true

Maybe your Heaven’s just a dream delayed
Maybe your Hell’s just living the same day after day
They say sometimes that a heart can betray
But I didn’t get this far listening to hearsay

Oh what’s the harm in one more drink
Oh what’s the harm in coming over
Tonight I got nowhere to sleep
Silly words now it’s been one whole week
Looked into those big brown eyes and I guess I blinked


Window’s open in her bedroom
Soft, Slow kisses on the heart wounds

Now I’m driving down the road and don’t know
If I’ll ever feel this again or see this stretch of road
White cotton dresses with her shoulders showing
Sweet and soft yet so tough to let go


Words and music by Stephen Simmons
©copyright secured all rights reserved
Shiny Geode Music, SESAC
Track Name: Emily's Eyes

I was driving myself crazy
Nearly out of my mind
I was singing about a lost love
I was singing about hard times

I was trying to write a new song
Find a line I hadn’t used
In the three-hundred songs before
And themes worn out by my muse

Then I thought I saw a sign
That butterflies are still alive
Deep in her eyes
If love truly shines light
I bet it looks a lot like
Emily’s eyes

Some nights I feel like a poet
Some nights I feel like a clown
Some nights it could go either way
Depending on the town

There were nights I could move a mountain
Had ‘em in the palm of my hand
There were nights no one would listen
And I could barely raise my head


I was floating on the high plains
Cosmic dust just passing through
She took me in with a deep breath
And then I was born anew


Words and music by Stephen Simmons
©copyright secured all rights reserved
Shiny Geode Music, SESAC
Track Name: I'll Be Your Johnny Cash

I was minding my own business
A Southern boy in a Midwest town
I played my show and I took my pay
But for some reason hung around

The reason had long, long legs
Under a skirt that went so high
That reason had long blonde hair
And big, big brown eyes

I’ll be your Johnny Cash If you’ll be my Audrey Hepburn
And I’d walk that line for you just to see where those hips curve
I’ll kiss you in the rain baby where the Moon River turns
Step into this ring of fire feel it baby burn, burn, burn

I stepped into a vortex
A black hole of space and time
I looked up and it’d been five days
Since I’d seen that heart of mine

She asked if I believed in love
The June and Johnny kind
She asked me if I always wore black
Said it suits me fine


I’ve played Paris
Amsterdam with girls on bikes
Brussels leaves me breathless
Nearly every time

London, Dublin, New York, L.A.
Where the women have such style
But somewhere in the Midwest’s
Where I lost that heart of mine


Words and music by Stephen Simmons
©copyright secured all rights reserved
Shiny Geode Music, SESAC
Track Name: Boobie Bungalow Gentlemen's Club

I pulled off of '65
Dirty and dog-tired
And down on my luck
Been driving for days
And i could not explain
What hit the brakes on that ole truck
Like the North Star in the night sky
Guiding me for miles to that neon sign

Down to the Booble Bungalow Gentelmen's Club
Where I fell in love
There's truck stop romancing, exotic couch dancing
While you fill your Semi up
No hometown to judge you
No rejection from lost love
Down at the Boobie Bungalow Club

Her stage name was 'Rain'
This Goddess who came
With these messy strings attached
Like a nine year old boy
An ex-husband in Detroit
Who very much wanted her back
Like me she was past prime
But like morning rain to me she still shined


Shattered glass hit the stage
As the beer splashed my face
That club filled up with fisticuffs
I blew 'Rain' a kiss as I crawled out through that side door
Hit '65 on two wheels in my old Ford


Words and music by Stephen Simmons
©copyright secured all rights reserved
Shiny Geode Music, SESAC
Track Name: I Ain't Lonely (I'm Just Lonesome)

I ain’t lonely I’m just lonesome
And I don’t miss her I just miss love
And I’m not down tonight I just get sad some
I ain’t lonely I’m just lonesome

I took a penny from a wishing well
I guess I took it upon myself
To try and help my situation along
I gave a girl all my best
And then I gave her all the rest
Of myself but none was left then she was gone


I took a girl’s hand and then
We danced all night and it seemed Heaven sent
But now all I’m left with is just this song
Cause she was someone’s else I guess
I should have known I should have bet
That I’d wake up alone come the early dawn


Sometimes it ain’t the one that got away
Sometimes it’s just the feeling you can’t escape
Her ego led her to false assumptions
Cause I ain’t lonely I’m just lonesome


Words and music by Stephen Simmons
©copyright secured all rights reserved
Shiny Geode Music, SESAC
Track Name: Gold & Silver

Glistening ‘neath the store light
Shinin’ on display
He’d lay his money down
If he could pay
Could see a day in Springtime
Gardenia’s in the sunshine
Daisies twistin’ in her hair
He imagined it that way

Gold and Silver
Are very hard to come by
But love is purer
But it doesn’t shine
You think that you look better
In Gold and Silver
But Gold and Silver
Won’t make you mine

Wear it on your finger
Slip it in your pocket
Fastened on a necklace
Around her neck on a locket
Just another poor boy
Big heart and no joy
Just another waiting girl
Thinking that he’s coming for her yet


All the treasures of this Earth
Can’t measure a love and all it’s worth


-Liz Foster / Stephen Simmons
Track Name: Horse Cave, Kentucky

Horsecave, Kentucky on a Saturday night
It's a hell of a way spend your life
Can get yourself into trouble quicker than you think
Be on Guntown Mountain before you can blink

Willie met Betty at the adult bookstore
Just off I-65
And they got themselves an ice-cream cone
At The Dinosaur World that night

Black-eyed Susan's looking over the ridge
The Peafowl's call, the river's over the bridge
She said she wasn't going to but she did anyway
She just meant not in the light of day

I know I felt the Earth move
The first time we laid down in the grass
But the splendor didn't last
Just left me clinging on to the past

Springtime in Kentucky warms up when the goldenrods bloom
And it's hotter than Hell before it's June
But it's nice and cool down in Mammoth Cave
I'd like to crawl down there tonight to get away

Passer by's and truck drivers
Pull off of the Interstate
We take their money for cigarettes
And our bourbon that only we can make

Betty made Willie #7 after their date
But now she's looking for husband #8
Willie couldn't be true, she caught him cheatin’ at the Dinosaur Show
Where he is these days only the Interstate knows

Yeah I know there's a city
Two hours each way up this Interstate
But for some damn reason never seem to leave
These pink dinosaurs so strange

Horsecave, Kentucky on a Saturday night
It’s a helluva way to spend your life

words & music by Stephen Simmons
© Shiny Geode Music / SESAC
Track Name: Stardust

Honey I know you wanted me to be a jerk
I know you wanted me to be an ass
Honey I guess I lost my nerve
To be cruel to you was just too much to ask

Well everybody thinks that I’m a real laid-back dude
But I’m a bundle of nerves yeah I’m a walkin’ talkin’ spaz
But honey when you look at me the way you do
Brings a calm all over me like nuthin’ ever has

Is that glitter on your face?
Or just Stardust from your eyes?
Or have I drank too much tonight?
Heard Poets talk of love
But I’m scared to jinx or say
That it could happen this a way

It’s true that I’ve been tough to tie down
Come on strong and then I fade from my advance
I can see you got your own ways to protect yourself and how
You'd hit the red button if heartache had a thread of a chance

You gotta big blag dog with a big deep ole growl
You shoot at my feet just to back me up and watch me dance
But you were talking big he’s just a puppy and you were shootin’ at the ground
I promise not to fade if you don’t sabotage this romance


Words and music by Stephen Simmons
©copyright secured all rights reserved
Shiny Geode Music, SESAC
Track Name: Santa Cruz Ridge

Meet a stranger but you feel like you know her
A glance, a hello, and a touch on the arm
And you're strapped in on a super rollercoaster
It's funny how these things always start
You wanna leave but the butterflies sing
And they flutter when you get a little closer
Now a years gone by, you'd think that I
Would know better how to show her

Well the Bluffs overlooking the coast line of the Santa Cruz Ridge
Stretch out across the ocean, but they never fall in
And the morning sun’s shadow hangs down over the water’s playful white caps
But the massive ridge she never does give, stays exactly where she’s at

Highway 1 by the coast of the ocean
We drove with the windows down
The radio was broken
And the wind was the only sound
You wanted me to show emotion
To say what I was feeling outloud
But I don't know where I got the notion
I'd done enough to show you by now


It's a complicated human trait
How a heart seeks to be fulfilled
But were so hard-wired and stuck in this mire
In defense against a lifetime of guilt
Babe I ain't no mover of mountains
But you can make em outta mole hills
But I swear by God you can only try
As hard as the other person will


Words and music by Stephen Simmons
©copyright secured all rights reserved
Shiny Geode Music, SESAC
Track Name: Hard It Goes

A bottle of wine
Two tall beers
A shot of bourbon
To starve out the tears
My baby’s gone
Loneliness wearin’ thin
Sittin alone starin at these walls
Takin my medicine

I should leave I suppose
But I’d just be the drunk at the party
That nobody knows
So I stay home, seal up these windows
For the long cold
Love comes easy but hard it goes

Charlie Rich on my radio
Like he’s been right here
the most beautiful girl in the world
whisperin’ goodbye in my ear
that clock up on my wall
must be stuck in gear
second hand must understand
been tryin to move on all year


Love comes easy but hard it goes
Love comes easy but hard it goes
My bloody thumb on the vine of a rose
Cause love comes easy but hard it goes

~Stephen Simmons/Doug Waterman
Track Name: Just Like A Sad Song
Just Like A Sad Song

There's country crooners in Nashville
Pour out their heart right up to last call
They sing of lost love and pour souls
Who've never known no love at all
I've done my time I've done Eons
Lost more love than I care to recall
But here I am back at this ole dog track
Bettin' on 7 just to win it all

Sometimes it's just like a sad song
Sneaks up and grabs you from behind
Like a ghost on the back of your saddle
On a midnight ride
Sometimes it's just like an old love
whose been pushed down in the back of your mind
Reappears to help you rhyme that one last line

We all think it drives us crazy
We all have our crosses to bear
But I've never known a tale of love
That everyone thought was fair
So babe I'm at the end of this album
The needles just about to run out
Side One, Side two now they're both through
Do you know what it was all about?


So babe I'm at the end of this album
The needles just about to run out
Side One, Side two now they're both through
Do you know what it was all about?

Words and music by Stephen Simmons
©copyright secured all rights reserved
Shiny Geode Music, SESAC